Monday, March 9, 2015

If not me, who? If not now, when? (March 8)

"If not me, who? If not now, when?"

I was asked these two questions by my companion the other day, and they hit me like a bag of bricks. I was stunned. He didn't ask them to me directly to answer, but we were talking about the week and what we could do better to go out and smash it. 

It's amazing to see how the things people can say to us can truly impact who we are the and choices we make! 

This last week was a great week for us. It was filled with many adventures, and other such missionary things that make life well, the life of a missionary.

For example, we've had about 2 meetings every week for the past FOREVER it seems, but each meeting is another boost of confidence to go out and to share with the people of Australia the Gospel! I LOVE IT. The best part of the meetings is...definitely the food! Sister Maxwell, the Mission President's wife, cooked us CAFE RIO STYLE BURRITOS!!!! She made home made ranch, the green kind, that you find at Cafe Rio. 

Some heads up, we were able to go out and teach Loia and his family again. He's doing well. There always seem to be opposition in the lives of those who are trying to do right, and he is a perfect example. He lost his job, and is looking for a new one, and is struggling to make the changes he wants to make.

We sat down with him on Sunday morning before church and shared with him about how he can overcome those burdens and about what he wants to accomplish. He always expresses to us his desires to come to church and change, and he was able to commit to it! The Spirit was so strong that morning as he was able to let us know of his desires. As we shared scriptures out of the Book of Mormon, he just looked at the ground in a deep thought and said, I know what I need to do. He committed to be baptised on 11th of APRIL!!! WOO!!!!! Amazing!!!

Well, the adventures never stop here in Cranbourne. We had a activity with the Ward around the theme of "Step Up." <--- Everything ties together.

Time to step up!

Have a great week! Times up! Love ya all heaps!

-Elder Dane Sargeant

The last photo at the mission home with my companion after MLC meeting

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