Sunday, November 16, 2014


G'day all!!

What an epic week of craziness. I'll let you know that the best part about being a missionary is learning about who you are and helping others along the way to find out that same thing about themselves. 

We were blessed with the opportunity to have a ZONE P-DAY in TASMANIA!!! It's been the second time in the 6 months I've been here... that's more than the past 3 years I reckon. We went to the Bishop of Deloraine ward's home--who lives on 50 acres of land. It was a crazy day for me personally because you get heaps of missionaries together, (19-21 year-olds) and people are very hard to handle. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! WE did a video for the Christmas Party we are having in Tasmania on the 9th of December.

This week was much of the same as last week. We were blessed to help out some missionaries and then to help out one of our Recent converts. She is in a bit of a hard spot at the moment... her partner who was recovering from drugs and was 4 weeks sober, got sucked into some bad stuff and got abusive. We were in the area and she texted us to help her, drive her away, or just take her some place. We were pleading for help of knowing what to do! Calling the cops would mean they'd be arrested and lose any chance of getting their son Tyson back from CPS (child protective services). We ended up calling a member from the ward and having him pick her up--- she is doing okay now. She's alive, that's what matters! the blessings of the Spirit and the guidance SHE received helped her stay as safe as she could in a very dangerous situation.

On a more happy note.... we were blessed with the Sandy Bay sisters setting... 9 BAPTISMAL DATES in the week. They are helping so many people come to Christ and they are all excited to be baptised. We're so blessed to work with such faithful sisters

My favourite part about the week was the Saturday-- we went finding and knocked on two doors before dinner. Doesn't sound like much but one of them was a Nepalese girl who said as after we opened the door... "ARE YOU CHRISTIANS?!?!? I AM TOO!!! I COME TO CHURCH WITH YOU!!!" It was hilarious! She was so outgoing and happy and she came to church!!! She's coming next week and we'll be going to see her again.

I am very grateful for Jesus Christ--- I've come to know Him and His endless love a little bit more this week. Transfers brings anxiety, but I'm staying in Tasmania again! I'm keen---more work to be done. I'm grateful for the chance to keep learning and growing and helping others. I love to learn to love others more. It's a great blessing being able to change and become better, and for that I am eternally blessed.

I hope that you all have a fantastic week!! Thank you for your notes, thoughts, prayers and emails. You have no idea what they mean to me, even on those days I let them slip my mind.


SHOUT  OUT---Sam.. my boy. Love you heaps man. You served valiantly. See you in 3 transfer buddy!

-Elder Sargeant

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