Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crashed and burned (Nov 9)

Mum and everyone that reads it!
Well let me tell you the beginning of this week was fantastic. We went up to Melbourne for our monthly meeting and it was an exciting time. I won't go too much into detail because it'd bore you to tears, however I'll say that I was awakened to a new sense of HOW MUCH I LOVE THE GOSPEL AND SHARING IT!!!! I'm definitely not perfect at it, but I sure want to be.
Wednesday was the highlight of the week. We had a really good district meeting in the south town of Glen Huon, Tasmania. It was a rainy day and the streets were slick. After we finished up our once a week meeting, we were going out to lunch in town and were on Glen Huon Road. It's a bendy and pretty crazy one at that which reminds me of driving back home. Some of the Elders were two cars infront of us. All of a sudden, we saw their car was gone. Where did they go?? The Sisters infront of us slammed on their brakes. We were close to smashing into them, but luckily we skidded to the side of them in the middle of the road. Sister Bennion's face was in a state of shock and she yelled "they went over the side!!"
We raced up, pulled over, and ran back.
The Elders rolled twice over a guard rail and into a massive ditch about 10 feet below on top of a blue berry patch. Luckily, the back end was crushed and the front was completely fine where they were sitting. They climbed out, unharmed, but very shaken up.
All is well with the Elders... but goodness me it was surreal. It didn't even seem to be something that would happen. Luckily, they were protected.

We spent the rest of the week going out and working to make up for our lost time, and helping the Elders who were sick and recovering from their accident. It's a blessing to look after so many people sometimes.
We had a cool experience with someone named Ty Fellowes He is Daniel Fellowes brother! He reached out to us and asked us to come around to him in the psych ward, as he had attempted to take his life. He broughwo things: His phone and a copy of the Book of Mormon.
He wants to change. What a little miracle! We were able to talk to him and help him see what he needs to do and that it's possible for him to change. He is the man!!!
Other than that, all is good. I'll let you know what of release date ASAP so you can plan.
SHOUT OUT TO PAPA GISH!!!! He's sent me letter after letter and I've sent 0. I'm slack.. please forgive me, but chances are I probably won't get back anytime soon :\ Mondays are our worst days as we travel up north often.
-Elder Sargeant

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