Sunday, March 16, 2014

Waverly Week of Wicked Whacking...CULTURE SHOCK!

Well, G'day, Nihao!
I've been assigned to serve in the Waverly ward!! It's 10 minutes from the Melbourne Temple which is quite legit :)
Things have been hard to adjust to because literally my new companion and I are fresh to the area but we've been SMASHING through the lists and keeping ourselves busy as. We met a lot of the ward on Sunday and they are awesome. What's cool is that my ward is half Chinese and half English. There is a Chinese Translator that does every talk, testimony, and word spoken in Chinese for all those that can't speak English... yet. It's AWESOME TO BE HERE!!!
Well, some cool experiences we had so far this week were that.... It's FINALLY FALL!!!!! You know what that means?! Breaking out the sweater Vest! ;) Also, since we've been here we were able to meet with this awesome as Chinese guy named Wei (William) Chung. He's such a cool and humble guy. He is one of those people that is less active but doesn't realize it... so we invited him to come to church and he was excited as about it! Elder Gish... you watch out bro, I'm going to come home speaking some Chinese ;)
We've been able to see a few more less active and My companion Elder Newell is a solid as teacher. He's very precise, clear, and full on when it comes to going off the needs of those we teach. That's always good for a trainer to see. He's been out for almost two months so he's not quite as fresh as others which is good too! The best part is that we live in a flat that's close to everything! There are heaps of shops and malls and stuff so we can talk to a fair few people. Miracles will come, I can feel it ;)
Some insight on the new Comp. : He's from Alpine, Utah. He served in Houston South waiting for his Visa. His dad is a professor at BYU. He's the FLIPPIN MAN! He's extremely knowledgable about the Gospel, and his dad does the announcements from General Conference and Music and the Spoken word! "This is the 187th Semi-annual...." HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!
This one is a bit boring, but I'd like to say a special shout out to my wonderful third family in Bendigo!
Mumma Bowley, you have NO idea how hard it was to leave. I shed a tear or two on my way to transfers and I hope you know that you and your family have become like MY family. Never have I had an experience like that before and I think it's because I didn't let myself. KEEP BEING AWESOME AND MAKING THOSE MISSIONARIES IN THE BENDIGO AREA LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!!!
Well...that's about all I can think of to say. Next week will be legit just you wait! >:)
The Gospel is true! Love every second of it, and the happy life it brings.
-Elder Sargeant

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