Monday, March 10, 2014

THIS WILL BE SHORT!!!!!!!!!! (March 9th)

G'day all!!!

You're going to hate me but... THIS HAS TO BE SHORT! We had some unexpected visitors come into church while we were doing emails and we got caught off track and all that jazz.

Here is the news:
I'm being transferred AGAIN TO TRAIN!!! I'm keen as about that!!! :D Another son to add to my family tree.

This week was legit. We had some amazing miracles and experiences that I'll have to tell you about next week. 

However, one thing I'll say is I'm grateful for the truth. I'm grateful for that undeniable understanding that I have of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and Christ's Church. We were able to teach a member lesson to the Rechter family, one of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE FAMILIES, and they had a mate over named Gabbie. She is close with Kelsey, the daughter of the Rechter family, and we taught about how God is our Loving Heavenly Father. After, she asked heaps of good questions, we taught her the first lesson IN THEIR HOME, with 4 friends of hers there and Kelsey's dad to testify as well, and she accepted every commitment. SHE WANTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH adn WE HAVE IT.

I loved the way that Brother Rechter put it about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
He said, "Other churches have 90% of the truth. They have 90% of what God wants and what Jesus Christ wants... we have that last 10% that makes up for the lack. We have the fullness, the last page of the book that puts everything together." That just hit me. 

Gabbie is GOLDEN AS! Stay tuned for what happens as I get upsets. LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!

Check out this blue tongued lizard we kept and named President Maxwell :)

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