Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moo-cows, bike falls, Hippos, and Christmas plans are---TRANSFERED?!? (Dec 15)

G'day all!!!
Well, I heard a quote describing the gospel that went something like this. "The purpose of the Gospel is comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Just as I was getting comfortable in Echuca with my wonderful companion Elder Judd, I get a called from the AP's last night at about 8:54pm.

"Elder Sargeant, how you goin'?....That's wonderful! Did you enjoy your Sunday today?.... Good on ya guys, that's the way. Well, there is a new intake of missionaries coming in this Wednesday and President Maxwell has decided that you are going to train one of them!"

I was in complete shock! Thoughts like "Right before Christmas??" and "Things were just getting rolling down here" popped into my mind. I accepted the call, with no other choice of course, and realized.... why was I complaining?? I've always wanted to have a Mission son! My firstborn in the Wilderness as we call them often out here. I was humbled as I reflected on my attitude after the call. I was being selfish and inconsiderate of what Heavenly Father wants and needs me to do. I was getting to comfortable and now it's my chance to help another missionary experience the joys and hardships of the mission life, and learn to LOVE the gospel as much as I have learned to love it. I love those moments of reflection and humility. I'm SO KEEN TO TRAIN AND BE IN A NEW AREA!!! Even if it is before Christmas, she'll be right mate! :)

Anyway, this past week was heaped with fun adventures. To start, I am a living example and witness that trying to answer the phone while riding a bike is a NO NO. I was stupid enough to give it a go when we were riding on a sidewalk. I answered and to my utter surprise I looked up and saw myself drifting to the left...more...more... BOOM SMASH INTO THE BIG BUSHES. Mate... it was SO funny though. I dropped the phone and quickly picked it up but just started laughing my head off. I apologized to the person on the phone and said I'd need to call them back momentarily.

My companion raced back and just started dying laughing as I got up covered in leaves, dirt, and a big grin on my face. You live and you learn. Never TALK AND RIDE, despite it's funny consequences. I reckon Heavenly Father gets a kick out of those moments as well.

Thursdays have been designated as our "Tysoe" day. The Tysoes are a wonderful family that are quite big into dairy farming. We teach their less active son named Matt, who came to Mission prep and stayed at church for all 2 hours AND wore his suit, and then we do about 5 hours of service on the farm to get things situated... I GOT TO MILK COWS!!

Times almost up! I apologize!!

SHOUT OUT TO GABE AND MARK!!! CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING AND SEALING. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND BELIEVE YOU ME I WAS THINKING AND PRAYING FOR AND ABOUT YOU ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!! :) I saw the photos and LOVED them heaps. Best wishes to my wonderful sister and new brother as they begin their adventures and new life together, for time and ALL eternity. :)

Thelma is getting baptised on the 1 January!!! SHE IS GOLDEN AS AND JUST LOVES THE BOOK OF MORMON and coming to church. Never have I met a more prepared and willing child of Heavenly Father. She just wants to truth. plain and simple. She has found it. This church is true.

I love my mission!!! I'll be better next week with time and photos.. please forgive me!

Also, we got invited to a Cantata in a Uniting church by a potential investigator named Sally who sang in it. It's wonederful being able to experience the joys of other faiths as they prepared and worship Jesus Christ during this Christmas season.


-Elder Sargeant

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