Monday, June 24, 2013

Another week in Tassie-Land (Monday, June 17)

G'day mates,
Well, I wish to tell you about the week I had. It was one that was filled with much growth and many wonderful people coming into our lives, and more importantly more people coming closer to Christ and being baptized!
So, Anthony Lake, the 19 year old, and Billy Donohue, the 9 year old, both got baptized!
Before I get into the actual ordinance I wish to tell you about the events that transpired previous to the actual day they happened. Most of them are related to Billy, however. Elder Hosman and I had the opportunity to teach Billy almost every day before the actual baptism. He learned quickly and retained almost all the things we taught. One of the best parts was that his mum, who was VERY stand-off-ish when we first wanted to teach him, joined in for the discussions and took all the pamphlets, answered questions, and helped Billy understand things. She is quite a spiritual lady when she wants to be. We are hoping that she recognizes how much the Church and Heavenly Father truly love Billy and want not only him but his family to be a part of what we know to be true.
On another note, we came into their flat about three days prior to the baptism and taught him another lesson about commandments. Elder Hosman started the lesson while I got the information for the records of his actual baptism and conformation. He told Elder Hosman about a dream that he had the night before we came over. It went something like this:
Billy told us that he walked over to a place where there was a body of water large enough for people to go in and swim. He walked over to this area and saw Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. He watched as Jesus was baptized by John, and then Billy himself was baptized  Then, following the ordinance, he had the privilege to shake the hand of Jesus Christ.
I came in about 5 minutes later and heard the exact same retelling of the dream Billy had. Elder Hosman and I looked at each other with open mouths and a feeling of sincere marvel at the dream this young red headed boy had.
I know that what he saw was truth. It was not something that Billy made up. That in fact he had shaken the hand of our Savior Jesus Christ. You can feel of Billy's purity whenever you are around him, and after Billy was baptized Elder Hosman told me he felt like there is a special purpose for this young boy. I remember getting chills as we discussed how amazing the story was and will be of Billy the Kid, the ginger boy, and what his future holds. He is an amazing young man whose faith will grow, and his spirit will glow within him as he continues down the path we KNOW leads back to our loving Heavenly Father.
It was an amazing experience and honor to baptize Anthony and Billy. I cannot even begin to explain the join we felt as we were able to be apart of the occasion. Their lives will be and are forever changed and molded to a course set for happiness, love, glory, and perfection; it's a course meant for all of us if we just let ourselves do it.

Elder Sargeant and Billy
Elder Hosman, Billy, Elder Sargeant

 Elder Sheward, Elder Hosman, Billy, Elder Sargeant, and Elder Whitehead
Elder Sargeant and Anthony

 The light of Christ is something that has come to my mind during this week. We all have it, and it's much more than a conscience. It's the knowledge and understanding we all have deep down that entices us to do good, to be compassionate, and to be more like Christ. These individuals radiate that Light through their actions and I ask myself, do I do that enough?
I leave a question to ponder: Do we let ourselves love each other enough? Do we look at the example that Christ has left us and serve with ceasing or without reluctance? It's something that I know I need to work on greatly, but I know that as we lose ourselves in the service of others, we are serving God. There is no doubt in my mind that He answers our prayers, and takes care of us when we stand in need of comfort, and that His merciful and loving hand is ALWAYS in our lives. I promise you, as I have started to understand, that we all possess the knowledge of the truth deep inside of us, but it's honour to be able to not only have that knowledge made known to us but have the chance to share it every day.

It's been a wonderful week and there are many more experiences I wish I could share, but they will have to come another time!!
On a sort of dodgy note, I got bit by a spider on the side of my head while I was sleeping? Yeah... then I found the spider and SMASHED IT. No worries, not poisonous or anything but it did make my muscles all crampy and sore, which was strange.
Anyhow, I love you all and I love the emails, photos, letters, and prayers I have been receiving. I can feel the love from each of you as I journey on. When my faith wavers and times get tough I know that I can always lean on you for support, so thank you.
Until next week, time to gap it! (Time to go... weird New Zealand phrase).
With Love,
Elder Sargeant

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