Monday, June 10, 2013

A Week of Miracles (Monday, June 10th)

Elder Sargeant and his district  

G'day Mates!

The past couple of weeks have been miraculous. Literally, we have been blessed SO much by the Lord despite our short comings. It sometimes boggles me how much we are truly loved and taken care of even when we often fall short of the expectations established for us. Fortunately we are always able to recalculate our course back to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

To begin, we have TWO BAPTISMS COMING UP. One is of a 9 year old named Billy Donahue. He is absolutely golden. He has been coming to church, by himself mind you, for the past 3 months or so. No joke, he came up to the Bishop and asked to be baptised, and then talked to us! We are so excited and it has truly blessed his life as well as his home life. He told us he wants to be a missionary someday and we were so happy to hear that!

The next baptism is of a 19 year old named Anthony Lake. He has been playing sports with us and coming to church for a few weeks now. He seemingly walked into our laps. Heavenly Father just gave him to us, and he asked to have the lessons taught to him. The first lesson was about the Restoration. We invited him to be baptised and he accepted without hesitation. We still asked if he would read and pray and make sure HE knew that through the Spirit. Turns out before he even finished his prayer that night he had the Holy Ghost testify that baptism is exactly what he needs to do. He then went to a YSA conference and his decision was reaffirmed. He asked me to baptise him and I felt so honoured to do so. Never would I have expected it, but the opportunity is truly a blessing to me.

The Lord is always in the work. Has been since Adam and Eve, and will be now. I was given the privilege to give a talk in sacrament meeting on our purpose in being on the earth during this time. I learned heaps. We are all here to prepare the world with the knowledge we have. We were born in this final dispensation of the fullness of times with the responsibility to share the Gospel with the world. We were chosen as choice sons and daughters of God for this work because of our faith and our trust in Heavenly Father and His eternal and perfect plan.

Well, yesterday was the Queen's Bday here in Tassie land and it was a memorable day to say the least. We woke up and headed to a little down called Deloraine to meet up with some investigators, and the rest of the district. We headed off to some caves called Marakoopa caves and the sights were beautiful. As my first time seeing calcite columns and all that, it was pretty cool. I have heaps of pictures. Then, to celebrate my companion Elder Hosman's birthday, we had lunch in a place called Liffey Falls which are a series of Cascades and a large waterfall called Liffey Falls... hence the name.

Inside Marakoopa Caves

Elder Mudd and Elder Sargeant at Liffey Falls

The bush here is beautiful and I remember staring at the water as it rushed down the falls and made its way down the river and just thinking "How amazing is the world we have been given to live on. Everything we have to see is a blessing for our eyes." It made me realize that taking a step back and looking at the brilliance of the world can make all the difference. This place was given to us for a reason, and more so than just to prepare to meet God. It's for our enjoyment, to have happiness with our families, friends, and all of our brothers and sisters. I have to admit, as difficult as Tassie was in the beginning, the blessings and beauty of this place FAR out weigh the struggles and more important growth that we all had to experience.

On a sad note, I am sick. I have the flu and it's a bit of a bummer. I am pushing through this day hoping and knowing that strength will be given. We have a BUSY week and I look at this trial as a test of faith, to see how we are willing to respond to the blessings of having two investigators want to be baptised.

Anyway, all is well down here in Tassie Land. I've experienced seeing wild peacocks, black swans, kangaroos, walibees, opossums, and many MANY types of birds. I have witnessed miracles and blessings given through the infinite love of our Heavenly Father that we do not deserve. We have had success with other missionaries being more about the work than about the play, and it's amazing what an attitude difference has come here. We have MUCH to do to improve but I know that each day is a new opportunity to become more Christ-like in our nature.

The Gorge

I love you all, and seeing the progress of the New Hampshire house makes me miss home a little bit! It'll pass in about... 5 minutes when I get off and go to work ;). I cannot wait to see you all, to help you all out in any way I can, and to be a part of the wonderful things that are happening in the homeland.

Stay true, always smile, and remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you. Strive each day, if you'd like, to count the blessings that are given and see the promises being kept because of your diligence. Remember D&C 82:10- I the lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say ye have no promise. --- Not exactly quoted, but close enough.


I'm sending loads of pictures so... be prepared.

-Elder Sargeant

 Launceston West

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