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Monday April 29, 2013 and pictures!

G'day all!

This week was a week of much learning, many miracles, and many blessings both in disguise and very much apparent. To start out things out the weather has finally picked up here. It has been like 75 degrees out everyday the whole week. We are getting so dang tan I LOVE IT.

Anyway, the beginning of the week was a little bumpy. We got dropped by two investigators, both of whom were on date to be baptized. One was a girl named Alex Hunt who is 14. She kind of seemed to be pushed by her very much anti-Mormon dad to not get baptized but every time we asked her about it she always had the look in her eye that she wants to be baptized. It would bless her so much... it's so essential to get on the path to salvation!
The second was Travis, the drunk guy that talked to us. He dropped because his girlfriend said he couldn't quite drinking or smoking and he'd be a hypocrite  We were devastated... he has so much potential and such a desire to change and he told us himself that he had the ability and desire to quit. But, things happen and our faith was tested.

I have been working on my Faith this week: to develop it, to strengthen it, and to recognize how to do so. This week has seriously been an opportunity with those drops. However the blessings came through our diligence to press on and keep going.

Since we got dropped... we have another set of investigators! One is named Kerry whom we found just talking to everyone we met. Her husband is less active and she is looking for a religion to teach and grow in with her young children ( 3 years old, and 6 months old). She was a fireball ready for the gospel. We have another lesson with her next week and I just know that she will have a date for baptism. She already said she wanted to be. On that note, our investigators Jordan, the 16 year old, and Junior, the Hispanic guy who is married to a less active, all want to be baptized!!!!! SO SICK!!!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL. No lie, I cannot believe how much it has been a blessing to see the hope and faith grow in the eyes of all we talk to. They are filled with the spirit as we are the instrument of Jesus Christ. I am learning so much about how to teach more effectively but the Spirit just takes over everything I do. I honestly do VERY little in the process other than be the voice box. It's amazing.

The work is hastening. Ward Councils are learning to be all about Missionary Work, and a tsunami of missionaries are on their way to Salt Lake City.

All of the Mission Presidents of SLC went and sat with Elder Ballard, Elder Holland, and Elder Nelson. Elder Ballard said that we are winning the war of spreading the gospel but "the inner walls are crumbling." The center stake of Zion needs help and it WILL be strengthened. I LOVE being here during this time of urgency. I know that missionaries are being sent here, with fire in their hearts, ready and willing to serve and find those lost sheep of the fold to bring them back to safety. Everything is line upon line, and precept upon precept, but God's will be done.

----SHOUT OUT TO MY NIECE AND NEPHEW ELLIE AND TATE. I think of you often, I truly do. I miss you little crazy kids, and your drawing Ellie is hanging over my bed. I look at it often as my inspiration to keep working hard and learn all I can before I go to Australia. I was sent here to learn to work through difficult and urgent circumstances, and that picture pushes me on. Thank you, Kara, Chris, and Tate for your letter and your example to me. I am so happy to say I am your Uncle. Miss you all and stay in touch!

----MY BROTHER HEATH. Oh... my... gosh. You not only graduated from BYU, but you got a FULL RIDE TO UNH LAW SCHOOL!?!? Just goes to show the blessings that come from being obedient to the Lord. ... Keep my commandments and ye shall prosper in the land. <--- Nails it. I miss you Heath and Emma and I'm so freaking proud of you. That's straight up Legit. You're going to do amazing there.

Well, here is a poem from my favorite Apostle: Here is that Poem by Elder Holland

"Come to the edge."

"No. We will fall."

Come to the edge!"

"No! We will fall!"

"Come to the edge!"

We went to the edge and He pushed us, and we flew.

Never be afraid to learn. Never be afraid to go beyond what you feel is your limit. Push on, go to the edge of your comfort zone, and break it to pieces. Let yourself be pushed off and I promise if you rely on the Lord and have Faith and put your trust in Him, you will do nothing save it be fly to endless heights. Stay true to the Faith. There is a power in this Restored Gospel that is infinite. It can take you as far as you let it, and beyond if you trust it will. I have seen myself grow tenfold from just teaching people. It's just like D&C 11 says "Yea, cleave unto me with all your heart, that you may assist in bringing to light those things of which has been spoken..." But it goes beyond that. Cleave unto the Truth, Jesus Christ, His way, and follow the commandments and convenants you have with God and I PROMISE YOU with every fiber of my being that you will be blessed. Look at my brother Heath, his entire life has been an example of this, and I know it will happen to all those that accept Christ and do as he says.

Love you all, stay strong, stay true, and keep smiling <--- That's what Mama Whitney told me so it's applicable to everyone.

Mom, I miss you so much. Not in a home sick way but in a way that makes me appreciate and love you endlessly. I cannot wait to see you all once again, but of course the work is my focus. I cannot believe it's been 1 month. That's only 23 more months to learn, grow, and bless the lives of as many people that will listen as possible. I love it.

Gabe- I haven't heard from you in a while. I sure hope "things" are well. ;)

Until next week, cheers.

With much love,

-Elder Sargeant

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