Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letter #1

This is from April 4th a few days after he had arrived at the Provo MTC:

Elder Sargeant here, and let me just begin by saying that I LOVE THE MTC. From the moment I got dropped off until six days later I have yet to not enjoy a day here. I'll begin by talking about my companion. His name is Elder Reese from Morgan, Utah. He is such a blessing for me here! I learn so much from him because he is incredibly different than me. I would even go as far as saying we are the complete opposites in every way. Elder Reese is quiet and too reserved sometimes and really lacks confidence in himself. It's a blessing for me because it keeps me humble knowing that I was placed with him for a reason. He builds my weaknesses to strengths and I try my best to do the same for him. Moving on, my district is amazing. We have four Elders, myself included, and four sisters. I always heard from a good friend named Nick Nadeau that "sisters are blisters" when it comes to the MTC and the field, but I have to disagree. No... I don't say that because I find them super cute or anything, though a few of them are, I say that because they have the ability to teach us as males things we could never comprehend. Their example and testimonies are truly humbling to hear and witness. We have all bonded really really well, and what is even more amazing is that we all can sing! There is nothing better to bring the spirit to our personal studies, companionship studies, and lessons like singing a hymn. Music has a unique ability to bring everyone closer together, and now I understand more clearly why hymns are so important. Also, I GOT CALLED AS DISTRICT LEADER!!! At first I was a little taken back, but then I felt like it was something I needed, and it turns out I was right. It was been such an amazing growing experience having to look out for all those in my district, (group of Elders and Sisters that are all mostly going to the same Mission/Country,) because I am always listening to those promptings if anything is wrong or needs to be said. There is something about the Spirit here that makes all your weaknesses come out but not in a way that is embarassing. We all have weaknesses and because of our loving Savior we have the ability to truly grow. I don't mean to be sappy but it's such a blessing to be able to grow and tune myself to be a loving, caring, and humble servant for our Lord Jesus Christ. I LOVE BEING DISTRICT LEADER!
Okay, this may seem a bit disappointing but... I am not going to Australia right away. We are getting reassigned to somewhere (we hear this week) and we leave APRIL 8th! ONLY A WEEK AND A HALF IN THE MTC?!?!? That was something that took us all by suprise, and we fasted that we could get our visas but it's just how these things work. Maybe someone else is being prepared for our message in another area before we go. Or Australia is just too full. Anyway, I love it here. I love my companion, I love the happiness and joy that comes from feeling the spirit everyday. I love the purpose of why I am here, and that it is not for myself anymore mom. What you said to be before I left, in my old BYU dorm, to be humble... I have learned how to do just that here. Thank your for that because I needed it more than I thought. I cannot learn what I need to learn if I am unable to be teachable, and luckily we have amazing teachers here. ONE OF MY TEACHERS IS FROM VOCAL POINT!!! His name is Landon Peay,(pronounced Pay), and he is a spiritual stud. Actually, his facial expressions remind me a lot of Sam Gish, my adopted brother who is serving in Taiwan. Miss you Elder Gish. Now let me tell you about my investigators. They are named Jorge Delgado from Orem Utah, and Mark Dilova. Mark is slowly but surely progressing and there are few things as sweet as seeing someone come unto our glorious message of Hope, love, progression, and of Jesus Christ. The spirit is so strong in our time together and I love meeting with him. We struggled last time we met with him, my companion and I, because we were rushed I felt. That is okay though, all is well.
Jorge is a stud, but incredibly... incredibly depressed. His son died of cancer when he was fourteen years old, and his faith in God has almost completely dwindled. He went into a deep depression and almost committed suicide twice, but he kept going because his son said to live on to find his purpose. He is SO prepared for us and we got through to him. We had our first lesson with him yesterday, April 2, and it was sublime the feeling of the spirit that flowed through Elder Reese and I. We testified to him that he will see is son again, that we can be forgiven of his sins not matter how large or small, that the guilt and shame we feel can be completely erased because of our loving Savior Jesus Christ and his atonement. At the end of our lesson, we got through to Jorge by saying a prayer with him. He said he felt this feeling, "it's like... I no empty anymore" (He's from Mexico so his english is a bit... premature.) We explained to him that that warm feeling is our loving Father in Heaven tesitfying that our message is true through the Holy Ghost. We committed him to say a prayer for himself tonight to know that these things are true, and that Heavenly Father really is there. It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.
Well, my time is coming to an end. If you wish to send me emails you can through this! I can email friends which is AMAZING!!!

GO TO and put this info in, or send me a hand written letter! I promise I will send letters back.
Elder Dane Roger Sargeant
MTC Mailbox # 49
AST-MEL 0409
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Well, I love and miss you all so much but this is where I am meant to be. There is no doubt in my mind that what we as missionaries are teaching is true. People need to hear the message we have to improve their lives, and I know that the Lord is preparing people in Australia for me and my companions. This experience has changed my perspective so much, how it's not about me changing and becoming better, but that I am serving for those that I need to teach. I am a representative of the Church, but more importantly of Jesus Christ and his message. It's the truth.
Talk to you in a week,
Elder Sargeant

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